The Twin Atlas have returned with the new album 'Big Spring', our first new release in over 5 years. Stream tracks and order the album below or at Bandcamp.

Sean has released 3 EP's of instrumental music as Lazy Salon. New album coming later in 2016.


The Twin Atlas 2000 - 2010


All Twin Atlas music is available at Bandcamp for streaming & downloading, with bonus tracks added to several releases.


bait & tackle
Bait & Tackle
- 2010
('Good Light' companion album)

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*Includes an unreleased song not on original CDR release



good light fpo
Good Light
- 2009
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Magic Car Wash
Magic Car Wash - 2006
('Sun Township' companion album)

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* Includes 2 additional songs released on compilations and one unreleased song from these sessions not on original CDR release



Sun Township
Sun Township
- 2005
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Inside The Skate Scandal
Inside The Skate Scandal - 2003
('Bring Along The Weather' companion album)

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Bring Along The Weather
Bring Along The Weather - 2003
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Pioneers Toasted
Pioneers Toasted - 2005
(rare & unreleased 2000 - 2004)
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*Includes 2 live tracks and one additional unreleased song not on original CDR release



Kitchen USA
Kitchen USA - 2001
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Subtle Citrus
Subtle Citrus - 2002 ('Kitchen USA' companion album)
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The Philadelphia Parking Authority Must Die
The Philadelphia Parking Authority Must Die - 2000
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